October 6, 2018

Green Jal – Jeevamrutha based Fertilizing Soil Beneficial Organic Microbial Enhancement Conditioner

Welcome to the Advanced Research and Development Corporation.

Keeping in line with our vision of promoting the effective availability of  excellent and unique technological and traditional methods of research to increase productive and cost effective solutions to the end Farmer, Gardner and Consumer we have adopted to introduce in our portfolio Jeevaamrutha based preparation GreenJal™

To the traditional Jeevamrutha popularized by Padma Shri Subhash Palekar we have tweaked the formulation to further enhance bio booster and microbial culture. We hope to hear from you regarding our products effects and your experiences.


Jeevaamrutha is a soil microbial fertilizer and conditioner formulation popularized by Padma Shri Subhash Palekar. The formulation is a microbial culture based upon the beneficial gut bacteria of the Cow and also populated microbes introduced via soil to the formulation.

This Jeevamrutha when applied to the soil and plants; is like a microbial booster and nutrient strengthener for the soil, plant and also food for the beneficial organisms like earthworms and other insects present in the soil.

A well fermented mix of this Jeevamrutha is like a fantastic and heavenly gift for a weakened soil and plant system. Apart from rejuvenating dilapidated soil structure it introduces a  host of microbes and nutrients to revitalize and condition the environment every part of the ecosystem.

It is also observed if applied on time even pests and other non beneficial insects are seen to vacate the area  due to the pungent formulation.

Apply in Evenings –

  1. Wet Soil and area well. If required prepare the soil by light tilling.
  2. Dilute 1 Litre GreenJalJeevaamrutha with 10 Litre or 20L Water depending on plant age
  3. Do Not water Soil for 12 Hours.

Although the formulation can be used post 6-7 days the microbial culture is best used within 8 days.

GreenJal is a proprietary organic formulation based on the Jeevaamrutha as the base formulation to this we are incorporating a larger breadth of microbial cultures sourced from the soil from the forests of the Western Ghats from more then 4 different formulations. Further we add suitable fat and protein mixes sourced from pure organic sources to further strengthen the nourishment of the microbial culture.

Due to the breadth of microbial culture we have seen excellent results of GreenJalin foliar ( spray ) application and also ground application of GreenJal

We Ship Jeevaamrutha Across the State of Karnataka.

To find out the next batch production of the GreenJaland to book your order please get in touch with us. 

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